Gain all the insights without the drama.

Learn from the biggest brand crises of the last year.

Only Memo reports unique visitors to news coverage directly from publications. We analyzed how people engaged with news of major brand crises over the past 12 months to identify key learnings for comms pros. Gain all the insights without all the drama.

Plus, see how other comms pros approach crisis comms. In addition, we’ll cover what 1,000 comms pros say they’re most concerned about, how they plan for potential crises ahead, their approach to incident response, and more.

This year’s report covers:

  • The impact of brand responses on readership
  • How to help (and hurt) the recovery from a crisis
  • What types of crises industry leaders are prepared for
  • 5 crisis comms action items backed by data
  • ....and much more.

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