2024 Presidential Candidate Readership

An analysis of how many people are reading news articles about the 2024 presidential candidates.

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Last Update: November 27, 2023



  • Since early September, Biden and Trump have seen similar & steady readership.
  • President Biden has been driving the most readership around the Israel & Palestine War with his unwavering support for Israel and the Biden administration’s responses and actions under scrutiny.
  • 2024 election readership spiked in early November after the Supreme Court ruled that Trump could appear on the 2024 ballot and the 3rd GOP debate occurred.


 WEEKLY UPDATE: NOVEMBER 20-November 26, 2023 









  • Biden and Trump are driving 70% of the readership for the 2024 election. Trump's readership is fueled by legal woes and commentary around whether he should be barred from the presidency. On the other hand, Biden's highest-read articles focused on Trump's Legal Issues, the Israel & Palestine War, and the House Speaker.
  • In October, readership was largely driven by the gag order in the federal election case, Trump disqualification trial in Colorado, Georgia Election Case, and New York Fraud Trial.
  • Joe Biden is leading in terms of coverage volume, with Donald Trump not far behind and Ron DeSantis trailing in third. The three of them maintain a considerable lead compared to others, attracting far more attention from the media.
  • Biden & Trump saw their share of readership fall in early November as the GOP debate granted DeSantis the spotlight. 
  • The election of Mike Johnson as the new House Speaker drove over 14M readers in October following weeks of chaos among House Republicans.


Memo tracks readership (i.e. unique visitors) to news articles for 7 days following publication. This aggregate readership number is rolled up to the article publication date.

Articles must mention a candidate's name in the headline or at least twice in the article's body text to be classified as that candidate.

Articles are pulled from a sample of 80 national and large regional news outlets. Readership data will be updated weekly.



What is the difference between readership and readership share?
Readership is the absolute number of readers a candidate received across Memo's sample of news articles. Readership share is the relative percent of readership a candidate received compared to the whole group. 

Why do you analyze news readership versus news volume?
There is a big difference between an article getting published and an article actually getting read and capturing the interest of the public. 

Can I request additional data or custom analysis?
Yes, if you are a reporter please email If you are a brand, agency, PAC, campaign, or other organization, please email



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